The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II Great BritonMany people believe that the Queen, who was crowned in 1952, has an easy life, going on holiday all the time with an army of servants to dote on her every whim, but few people take the time to realise that despite being the UK's head of state, no one serves the country as devotedly as she. From an early age, Queen Elizabeth II has answered her country's call of duty, following a prescribed schedule from dawn til dusk, going to places she probably doesn't want to go to, and almost inevitably entertaining despotic and idiotic world leaders that none of us, least of all her, would ever want to meet.

The Queen was born on 21 April 1926 by caesarean section to her mother, Elizabeth the Duchess of York, wife of Prince Albert, Duke of York - later King George VI following the abdication of his brother, Edward VIII, in 1936. Throughout World War II Elizabeth and her younger sister Margaret remained in the UK at the insistence of their mother, who despite repeated calls for the two princesses to move to Canada, remained true to her word that the royal family would remain as one, in Britain with the British.

In 1947 the young Elizabeth married Prince Phillip, but the union was not without its critics, with Phillip being a man of little means, and Greek, with sisters who had married men with Nazi links. The fact that the couple were third cousins through Queen Victoria, and second cousins once removed through his father seemed to go unnoticed in the inbred circles of the UK's 'elite'. The couple went on to have four children – Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward – who would go on to be the source of much more controversy.

Despite the marriages, divorces and scandals surrounding her husband, her sister and her children, it was the death of Charles's former wife, Princess Diana, that proved to be the Queen's most testing time.

Following her divorce from Charles, Diana remodelled herself as the 'Queen of Hearts', cuddling AIDS orphans and land mine victims in Africa. When she died in a car accident in Paris in 1997, Buckingham Palace refused to buck etiquette and fly the Union Flag at half mast. The public, egged on by the media, started to turn against the Queen, and the abolition of the royal family was mooted by the press.

Buckingham Palace and made a public announcement regarding the death. It was a massive PR coup for the Queen whose popularity was restored and confirmed a few years later in 2002 with the nationwide celebrations of her Golden Jubilee, and again ten years later at her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

Despite her advancing years, the Queen still works tirelessly for the cause of the UK, travelling the world and hosting tea parties for human rights abusing leaders from around the world in order to get them to invest and be nice to Britain. It is for this reason, and the fact that she is on stamps and money, which is quite impressive, that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a Great Briton and a British Icon.