Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle Dating back to the times of the Norman Conquest, Windsor Castle is today the largest inhabited castle in the world. Situated in the county of Berkshire, Windsor Castle is one of the UK's chief royal residences, and is known to be a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II, who spends much of her time here relaxing or entertaining visiting heads of state.

Windsor Castle has evolved with changing times and monarchs, and is now unrecognisable from the original wooden castle built over a thousand years ago in Norman times. The site of the castle, commissioned by William the Conqueror, was originally chosen for its advantageous position as part of a ring of castles defending London.

Windsor Castle begun the transition from a fortress to a palace under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who enjoyed spending time there and went on to have a conservatory and an exercise area built there. The Castle's current medieval appearance is in fact the creation of architect Jeffry Wyattville, and was not finished until the 1820s.

Queen Elizabeth II has made many alterations and improvements to the Castle while simultaneously allowing increased access to the public, making it one of the UK's best loved tourist attractions. Visitors to Windsor Castle have the chance to see inside a working royal residence - from state apartments, banqueting halls and the Royal Collection of paintings and sculptures collected by monarchs throughout the Castle's long history.

Windsor Castle opening times

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