Guide to UK Travel, Culture and History we've got the lot

No place on the planet offers the fame, number and sheer diversity of attractions as the UK. From the ancient stones of Stonehenge in Wiltshire to the sky scraping Shard in London, there is something for everyone in the densely packed British Isles.

But it is not just places to go and things to see that brings visitors to the UK. Britain is a thriving powerhouse of creativity, invention and imagination.

London, Manchester and Leeds offer fantastic shopping opportunities for fashionistas with clothes, furnishings and decoration from the world's most forward thinking designers.

Unparalleled nightlife is also on offer as internationally known clubs keep people dancing til dawn in cities that have their own rich musical traditions that have set trends the world over.

For those that prefer a quieter time, the natural attractions of this green and pleasant land are among the most accessible in the world. Cairngorms, Peak District and Snowdonia are just some of areas of beauty that also cater to adventurers such as hikers, climbers and paragliders.

But what is a place without its people? The UK has produced some of the most famous people on the planet. Rock stars, writers, actors and even some of the world's quirkiest criminals all go to make the UK one of the most interesting and eccentric nations on Earth.

Whether you are a tourist, traveller, student or businessperson, make your starting point for all things British: travel, culture and history – we've got the lot!